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Introducing Baskey 

Baskey was founded in 2021 by Brian Mackey and Leo Lehrbaß after meeting during their time working for HubSpot. Their goal? To provide real help to HubSpot clients looking to scale. 

From there, the team expanded to include even more HubSpotters and  HubSpot specialized software engineers and developers. 

Today, our team may be small but it is mighty. 

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What we offer is different.

Real HubSpot Expertise

We are the only agency with four ex HubSpot technical support specialists and over 20 years of combined HubSpot experience. 

Never any cutting and pasting

We provide custom solutions and onboarding for every client because every client is different. We will first diagnose your issue, analyze your tech stack, goals, roadblocks and resources to create the perfect onboarding plan just for you. 

We don't just work for you. We work with you.

Baskey embed ourselves in your organisation and work alongside you until your goals are reached. Whether it's teams, slack, whatsapp, email or pigeon we will be present on whatever platforms you like to use and use the tools you already have. 

Zero outsourcing. Our team does it all.

Our team is small but mighty, We don't outsource any of our work. Our team do everything from training, APIs, front end development, SEO and more  .... 


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Meet our team of HubSpot nerds. 

Brian Mackey

Co-founder & HubSpot Consultant


After a year in HubSpot support, Brian was promoted to Channel Account Specialist and within less than a year to Partner Success Manager. In this role, he helped agencies with the use and effective implementation of the HubSpot platform. As the founder of Baskey, his goal is to combine a high-quality implementation with an overall strategy so that companies can get the most out of their HubSpot software.

Leo Lehrbasß

Co-founder & HubSpot Consultant


At HubSpot in Dublin, Leo learned how to solve web design, hosting, automation and API problems for demanding customers at a high technical level, within the shortest time, as a support specialist. Now he lives in Cologne and advises companies around the world on strategic and operational issues related to CRM systems, integrations, websites and sales methods.

Olivia Bagnall

Principal Inbound Consultant and Project Manager


Olivia worked at Hubspot for 4 years, moving from the support team in Dublin to becoming a Customer onboarding specialist in Singapore. Her years of extensive experience working with clients through the platform makes Olivia a valuable contributor to all current and new clients here at Baskey. Constantly looking for more opportunities to learn, Olivia recently completed a diploma in Software development. Olivia lives in sunny Brazil with her daughter and husband. 

Brian Condon

GTM Strategy & Operations Consultant


Brian is a Technology Consultant with 8+ years of experience in SaaS go-to-market, marketing strategy, revenue operations and customer service. Brian is coming to Baskey from HubSpot where he worked for 6 years. Brian’s previous role was Principal Onboarding Specialist at HubSpot, where his job was to help businesses with their CRM implementation, ensuring they were getting the most value from the software and were set up for success. Brian is an English and Psychology graduate with an MSc in Digital Innovation from University College Dublin. He has a love of learning, with a deep passion for exploring the intersection of culture, technology and the workplace. 

Henrik Bartenstein

Software Engineer


Henrik is studying code and context in Cologne. The idea behind the program is to link and understand the technical and content components of projects, which makes Henrik an indispensable part of our team.

Pauric Mc Connell

Software Engineer


Pauric is an experienced front-end developer with a large portfolio of custom projects ranging from simple website designs to the construction of entire virtual simulations. Prior to Baskey, he worked for five years at Accenture where he amassed a tonne of experience working with clients from a range of industries.  In his spare time, Pauric creates innovative video projects using his technical skillset and is an avid guitar player. 

Enrico Bollen

Software Engineer


Enrico is studying code and context with Henrik and previously trained as a media designer. Of course, he can program in all conventional languages – but if given the chance, it quickly becomes more AI than HTML.


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